Retaliatory Discharge
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Most employees are “at-will.” An “at will” employee is an employee who does not have a contract of employment with the employer. Generally, an “at will” employee can be fired, terminated or discharged by the employer at any time and for any reason. Illinois, however, recognizes an exception to the “at-will” employment arrangement. An employer may not discharge, terminate or fire an employee for a reason that violates a clearly mandated public policy. If an employee is fired for a reason that violates a clearly mandated public policy, that employee can sue the employer for retaliatory discharge. Many retaliatory discharge cases involve employees who have been fired for filing a workers’ compensation claim. In a retaliatory discharge lawsuit, the successful employee can obtain lost wages and benefits. In some instances, the employee may also be able to get punitive damages. The attorneys at Jelliffe, Doerge & Phelps have years of experience representing people for retaliatory discharge.