Worker's Comp
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Thousands of workers and employees in Southern Illinois suffer accidents and injuries in their workplace. When a worker or employee is injured on the job, they may be entitled to benefits and compensation. Workers’ compensation law in Illinois is a set of statutes designed to help injured workers get compensation and benefits in an efficient and streamlined system. Under Illinois workers’ compensation law, a worker does not have to prove that his/her employer was negligent. Instead, a worker simply has to prove that he/she was on the job and performing his/her job duties and was injured. An injured worker is entitled to several different types of benefits, including but not limited to, medical treatment for his/her injuries; temporary total disability (TTD) benefits (a portion of the workers’ pay every week for the time period the worker is unable to work because of his/her injury); retraining or job search assistance if the worker is unable to return to his/her job because of his/her injury; and permanent disability benefits depending upon the nature and extent of the worker’s injury. The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act is complex and if you have been injured on the job you should be represented by an experienced attorney well versed in the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act. The attorneys at Jelliffe, Doerge & Phelps have years of experience handling workers’ compensation cases throughout the State of Illinois.